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November 27th, 2010 by admin

Available now: the brand new dvd on the 2010 Cannabis Tribunal. It can be ordered for €15 a piece or €100 for ten copies.

Click for larger versionThe dvd offers a unique 70 minute registration of the second Cannabis Tribunal, held in The Hague, on May 3rd 2010. Top politicians, including former prime minister Dries van Agt, scientists, activists, coffeeshop owners, cannabis producers and other key witnessess discuss the future of Dutch cannabis policy.

Documentary film maker Michael Schaap was responsible for compiling the registration. For the first time the dvd includes a version with English subtitles. The dvd is accompanied by a 20 page booklet.

Among the speakers are former prime minister and founding father of Dutch coffeeshop policy Dries van Agt, minister of immigration and former mayor of Maastricht Gerd Leers, psychiatrist and druglaw activist Fredrick Polak and Hans van Duijn, former chairman of the Dutch Police Union, now working for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

Will coffeeshops be forced to ban all foreign visitors?
When will rational regulation replace cannabis prohibition?
What are the political reasons behind the war on cannabis?

Everything you always wanted to know about Dutch cannabis policy, but couldn’t ask…

How to order

You can order the dvd for €15 (excluding postage) by sending an e-mail to:
Make sure to include your full address and the number of dvd’s you want to order.
For orders of ten copies or more, the price is €10 a piece, excluding postage. After payment is received, the order will be sent.

All proceeds go to VOC, the Society for the abolition of cannabis prohibition!

Click herefor the VOC website (in Dutch)